Can Breathing Like Wim Hof Make Us Superhuman?

Before deliberately wim hof breathing in, you probably have not thought about breathing at all. The respiratory system is somewhat unique to our body in the sense that we are both a passenger and its driver. We can leave in our autonomous nervous system, responsible for unconscious actions, such as heart rate and our digestion, or we can take responsibility for the rhythm of our breathing.

The person who breathes

When he went up to sixty, Hof ran barefoot and barefoot marathons over the Arctic Circle he plunged under the ice at the North Pole and fucked on ice baths 90 minutes north.

He breathes rightly, says Hof, and increases the levels of oxygen in the tissues and the adrenaline floods the body, transferring the strength we did not know.

Modern breathing

Robert Fried is a clinical respiratory psycho physiologist who retired from the biopsychology and behavioral neuroscience program at the City University of New York in 2010. He also wrote several books on how wim hof breathing is related to stress levels and our physiology. In my practice, Fried worked with people whose respiratory conditions were difficult, such as patients with COPD, as well as people whose life and work left them chronically stressed, as well as his methods are essentially

“The purpose of deep breathing is to provoke a” hypo metabolic state “in which the vegetative and mental awakening is minimal. This is a state of rest and recovery, contraindications, the response to stress caused by the use of the breath that accompanies relaxation to induce a similar muscular response in the body, “- wrote Fried« Discover »e-mail.

In other words, it slows us down to counteract the damaging effects that long-term stress on our bodies can have – known and common effects. The fried and psychotherapists like him used conscious wim hof breathing techniques, similar to those found in yoga, for many years and achieved a reliable success.

However, sitting on an ice bath for an hour and a half, there is nothing to laugh about. But can we really attribute extreme resistance to those simple exercises that we can do while sitting in the office? Read more.

Real proof

The essence of the problem can be summarized in the question if we really understand the inner workings of the human body. And although he can enter the hyperbola, discussing the many advantages of his methods, Hof has also shown himself ready to offer himself as an object for scientific tests.

The first real scientific evaluation of Hof took place in 2014, when a team led by the Dutch researcher Mattis Kok tested the immune system of people who followed the Hof training program for 10 days. Participants in cocaine injected an inflammatory agent when they practiced these methods. Compared to the control group, they had less inflammation and were less affected by the fever and nausea that usually accompany the injection.


as the researchers still not have a conform supposition on why wim hof breathing and exposure to cold, seems to weaken the resistant activity, they propose that the release of sparks caused by adrenaline, can play a role, peak adrenaline was associated with increased levels of anti-inflammatory proteins and a decrease in protein levels, called cytokines, which are responsible for signaling the immune system. For more information visit: