Can Breathing Like Wim Hof Make Us Superhuman?

What do you understand by the term wim hof method? Wim hof is a breathing exercise that resembles that of controlled hypertension. Wim hof resembles yogic breathing and Tummo. This is a technique that comes what we call cold hard nature or when you have subjected yourself to conditions of nature that are bitter. It makes one languid, makes one to be high on oxygen and also invigorates one at the same time. Some of the steps that can be used to analyse whether breathing like wim hof can make us superhuman are:

30 power breaths

Imagine a situation where you are blowing a balloon. Then inhale through your mouth or even your nose and at the same time then exhale using powerful bursts. If you do such powerful bursts 30 times then you will develop symptoms like tingling sensations and light headedness in your body. When you are breathing you need to keep midriff and steady pace fully.

Get comfortable

You need to sit a posture that is comfortable for you or you are supposed to sit in a meditation posture. Sit in a situation that you are able to expand your lungs in a free way with any obstruction or constriction. This practice is supposed to be done very early in the morning when you have woken up. The reason for this is because during this time your stomach is empty and you have not taken any meals. Read more.

Hold and retention after exhalation

This is very important during wim hof. Ensure you inhale in full capacity so that you can expand your chest. When you feel that you are full draw the breath and also ensure that the lungs are filled and you should do this without using any force. Another thing that you are supposed to do is to ensure that you hold the breath until you have a feeling of gasp reflex.

Recovery breath

What you are supposed to do here is to inhale to the full capacity as this will make your chest to start expanding. You are then required to hold the breath for some minutes and this you should do when it is at full capacity. Then you can repeat the breathing thrice or so.

When you have completed the breathing exercise then you are supposed to enjoy because the feeling itself is like a meditation. According to experts, you are supposed to recover from the breathing exercise so that you can feel good. It is also recommended that you take a cold shower as this makes you to relax.



Cold showers

Cold showers are very crucial in wim hof breathing. They mostly help those people who are new to cold exposure. When taking this shower ensure you begin with your feet followed by other parts like the legs, stomach, shoulders, neck and lastly the back. During the shower ensure you are cal and also breathe easily. Lastly, Wim hof may not make us superhuman in the real sense. More detail in site: