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Can Breathing Like Wim Hof Make Us Superhuman?

Before deliberately wim hof breathing in, you probably have not thought about breathing at all. The respiratory system is somewhat unique to our body in the sense that we are both a passenger and its driver. We can leave in our autonomous nervous system, responsible for unconscious actions, such as heart rate and our digestion, […]

Why Should I Do Breathing Exercises

From the Wim Hof method to other simple exercises, a lot of people struggle to understand why breathing exercises are necessary. Who really thinks breathing exercises will make much difference? It isn’t hard to see breathing exercises aren’t much of a priority as they don’t always seem that necessary or indeed important. However, they actually […]

Fitness Secrets You Won’t Learn At the Gym

From Wim Hof breathing to working out minimally, there are lots of fitness secrets you just aren’t going to learn while being at the gym. For most, improving their fitness is hard and they want to find a more effective way of doing just that. However, when you are new to the fitness game, everything […]

Breathing Exercises That Work For Singers

The Wim Hof techniques might be able to help when it comes to finding suitable breathing exercises for singers. When you are a vocalist, your voice matters most and you need to be able to have amazing breath control so that you enhance your music on every possible level. Breathing can allow you to control […]